Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birthdays, Snow Day, and Fun--oh my!!

Cousin Madison and Daddy (her uncle)

Let the festivities begin!

I love my Aunt Carrie!

Thank you Mimi for my own cake!!

Stephanie loves Logan!!

Cake Time! Yummy!!

Savannah and Logan ready for cake!!

Cousin Brady and Logan playing with the new train table!

Happy Birthday to Me!! Thanks everyone!!

Guess what we have been doing lately, son? Lots of celebrating!! You turned 2 on January 1, 2010. T-W-O so hard to believe that it has been 2 years! Last Saturaday, we had a small family party where we celebrated "Handy Manny" style--HM cake, HM decor, HM shirt--the only thing missing was HM, himself! Ha--guess daddy could have dressed up like him. That would have been hilarious! Anyhow, lots of family came over to the house for pizza, presents, and cake. Once the smoke cleared from the festivities, we all settled in to watch the Battle for the Bluegrass--aka. The UK/UL game. The game was VERY exciting, but UK ultimately won. They are 15-0 this year. Daddy hates this because he is a UL fan. For the last few years, he hasn't had to worry about UK, but this year is a different story. Go CATS!!!

Today, we celebrated our first real snow around here--about 3 inches. Enough to close local schools and cover the ground. Of course, mommy and daddy had to work, but when we got home we headed outside for your FIRST snow fun! Last year when it snowed, you just weren't old enough to take out just yet, but not this year. I think you would have stayed out there all night if we would have let you. Even though you could hardly walk around--mommy bundled you up good--you had a blast and even wanted to help daddy shovel the driveway. Too cute. I must say that was the best 30 minutes of my day, hands down! Looks like tomorrow is another snow day so Mimi has already said she is going to let you and Savannah go out of the back deck. That should be fun! Sweet boy--you are the light of my life--you and your father. Thank you for bringing me mommy back to her childhood days of birthdays, snow days, and FUN. I love you!!