Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

with the girls from the Passion Pit (AKA--C-Ville College Alum. Most of them, anyhow). Gail--thank you so much for sending out that first email! Our paths crossed at Bahama Breeze last evening for some food, fun, and laughter...and laugh we DID!! FCA road trips, scraping brownies out with a paint scraper, cats jumping out the window, and that song NONE of us could think wonder they put us on the other side of the restaurant all by ourselves...hum...Despite the frigid temperature in Bahama Breeze (isn't that an oxy-moron??), our trip down memory lane was delightful and LONG overdue! If only I had taken my camera...darn it! Toni, Wendy, Becky, Amanda, and Lori...we sure did miss you all! Hopefully next time we can all be together--Memorial Day weekend at the Borowick's (possibly).

Until then...keep the emails and comments coming!!


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