Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dad's 60th Birthday Party Down on the Farm!

You would never guess my dad is 60. Aside from the salt and pepper atop his smiling face, not much about him says he's moving into the AARP years. But, I guess the birth certificate doesn't lie. Anyhow, for those of you who don't live in or around Kentucky, we have been experiencing a bit of a mini-drought these last few weeks and some rainfall is most needed. Since we have been living on the farm, the weather and rain are very important bits of information when dealing with hay season. Anyhow, long story, short. Chad and I decided to invite everyone out to Hoene Heaven for a cookout on June 2 to celebrate Rocky's 60th birthday. Plus, Chad and I had just finished some remodeling to the house and wanted to show it off. So, we planned the food, set up the corn hole and even borrowed Todd and Lori's yard tents (for shade). Everyone arrived (eventually) and the heaven's opened up and the rain came...and came...and came. Yes, it rained the entire evening. Thank goodness for the yard tents even though the kids didn't use them. They played in the rain. Jaylen and Christopher were soaked to the bone and Carrington and PJ jumped from puddle to puddle. All in all, the day was GREAT! We so needed the rain and everyone had a fun time. Carrie and I are so fortunate to have a loving father. I see so many children who don't even know their father's so I know how lucky we are. Dad...I love you and hope your day was GREAT!!

Enjoy the pics!

i hope you dance...


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