Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer Fun!

Our Family Vacation, June 2007

Chrissy and sweet!

Happy Couple!

Kids will be kids!

(big) kids will be (big) kids!

No words needed for this shot...

What a great picture of the beautiful bride and her handsome boys


Happily Ever After...

Chapel by the Sea, Myrtle Beach

More summer...
Some family time...

Brady's mommy and big sister, Madison!

Brady's beautiful mommy!!

Nate and Papa on the tractor

My daisies...I love my daisies...can you see the little friend?

It is hard to believe that summer has come and almost gone...yes, I know it is still 80-plus degrees outside but my summer is slowing dwindling away. It has been a great summer, though. Beach weddings, summer cookouts, family fun on the farm, birthdays, zoo trips, and it isn't even August yet. We are also looking forward to the birth of our nephew, Brady. He is due this Wednesday, July 25. As soon as he arrives I will get some pics posted. Everytime Chad's sister calls, we jump up to get the phone thinking it will be "the" call. Not yet...

Some of the pictures on this post are from our summer vacation in Myrtle Beach. We had a wonderful time with everyone. I hope we can make the trip something that happens each summer or every-other, at least. We also celebrated my hubby's 35th birthday this weekend. It was nice. He is so wonderful. It was his birthday and he bought me a gift for my new office. He is so thoughtful.

Enjoy the pictures...


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