Monday, April 21, 2008

The BIG Day!!

It is official!!  We didn't really need a judges order, because Logan has always felt like our son since the day we found out about him, but for legal purposes, IT IS OFFICIAL!!  Friday, April 18, 2008 at approximately 1:15 pm, Logan William officially became a HOENE!!  We want to thank everyone who has continued to support our family throughout this journey.  We are so blessed with such wonderful friends and family.  Chad and I would personally like to thank the following people for taking time from their day to come to the courthouse and cheer us on:

  • Aunt Carrie and Savannah Leigh
  • Mimi and Nana (Papa and Grandaddy were there at heart, but had to work)
  • Aunt Anita and Uncle J
  • Aunt's Amanda and Mary
We know all of you wanted to be there and believe me, we felt your positive energy and thoughts throughout the day.  Aunt Mary did some video taping for us and as soon as I learn how to download it to my new computer, I will post it here.  

Again, Chad and I are so blessed and can only say thank you for loving us and loving Logan.  He has changed our lives and we continue to fall more in love with him each day!!

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