Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My son...are you really growing up so fast?  Please do mommy and daddy a favor and slow down a little bit.  We just can't keep up with all of the amazing things you do and say each day.  Has it really been half a year since we first met you.  I remember that snowy drive, blizzard I should say, to get to you.  Your dad just kept saying..."We're almost there, honey."  Picture him grasping the steering wheel, white knuckled, eyes wide with anticipation.  Our Angels were with us on that trip for certain; as I recall, we couldn't even begin to see the lines of the road and it seemed to me all of the snow plows were headed in the opposite direction.  There weren't even any other cars on the road for us to follow their tail lights into town...
what a journey!  
And here we are six months later...
This last month has brought many milestones our way and I would like to share them with everyone.  Let's see...the biggest in mommy's mind is that you are sitting up all by yourself.  It was just like one day you decided you didn't need any help or any "safety pillows".  You are so very strong, little one.  It seems strange to me that mommy can simply put you down on the floor with an array of toys and books, and you are completely satisfied.  How did this happen so fast.  Wasn't it just a few minutes ago, you depended upon me or daddy for everything?  Now you can sit up without our help??
Milestone are eating baby food!!  Yes, just fruits and veggies right now.  In fact, cereal and applesause happens to be your favorite though.  I have to get you on video...the mere sight of the jar of food and your arms wave, you grunt like a big boy and mommy can't seem to get the spoon to your mouth fast enough.  It always makes me smile and you too!!  Mommy just loves our feeding time.
Milestone #3...happens to be your squeal and first words.  Mommy and daddy have a decision to make about whether or not to keep you in church with us this weekend or leave you in the nursery (for the first time, YIKES!).  I am not sure how Bob would feel as happy about your squeal as we do.  You read it right, you have officially begun to talk.  Right now, it sounds like "geee, geee, geee" and sometimes a "daaaa".  Yep...DAAAAA!!  We are working on "MAAAA", but not yet.  Mommy is so happy you said DAAAA should have seen your daddy's face.  Mommy won't soon forget that never-ending smile.
Milestone #4...this one scares mommy to death because I don't like it when you sleep on your tummy...but you must, because you constantly roll over.  Yep, you are a rolling machine.  If you aren't sitting up, you are rolling over and turning yourself in a circle.  Mommy is amazed at how much you travel just in your crib!  
Milestone #5...sleeping in your crib in your own room all the way upstairs away from mommy and daddy.  Actually, this milestone is probably for mommy and daddy, because you ABSOLUTELY love your bed.  You give me this look and I know it is time--you want your bed. This process was probably very easy for you, my son, but it has given mommy and daddy some much needed excercise running up and down the stairs checking in on you every time the monitor speaks.  We have even quit watching TV at night and watch the video monitor instead...silly, for sure.
Mommy could go on and on with a gazillion more milestones from your beautiful baby blue eyes to how you and daddy traveled all the way to Illinois without mommy, but I will stop for now.  
Just know, Angel Boy, that you are the reason I was be your mommy.  
I know that now.  
You are such a happy, healthy baby and mommy and daddy thank God everyday for your past, your present, and your future.  
When God winks, miracles happen, I believe.
You are our miracle and we love you so very much!! 


**Please note--more photos will be posted this weekend and next week of the 3 of us.  Don't forget to check back.  Comments appreciated!!

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