Thursday, November 27, 2008

We are WALKING!!

Yep...that's right! Logan has been taking steps for a few days now!! How did this happen? I vaguely remember him sitting up amidst his toys, perfectly happy, just sitting! Then, out of nowhere came the crawling--lightning fast, I might add. Mommy and daddy thought we were safe for a while since crawling seemed to come so naturally and he was so proficient at it. So much for mommy and daddy's thoughts on that one...

Logan will be 11 months old on Monday, December 1, and we can officially say he is walking!!!!!!!!

What a blessing!!



leslie said...
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leslie said...

Hey Staci, I am a friend of Carrie's and I read your blog often. I just got tears in my eyes after watching this video. I do not have children, and watching your son start to walk is just amazing. Thank you for sharing such miracle with me!!!