Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello there...

How cute am I?
Mommy and Daddy

Me and Mommy

I LOVE yogurt!!! And it LOVES me!

At the park with my cousins
Daddy and me--Cammo Boys
Aunt Diane, cousins Misty and Raime
Man--I love this thing!

Hard to reach the legs are too short :-)
Yikes...I am sure no one will be reading this because you have all stopped checking the blog because of the length between posts. No is what it is. Life--busy, hectic, amazing, wonderful, tiring...all of the above. Thankfully, life is busy and we are so blessed to have places to go and people to meet and see. Isn't that what life is all about. I used to have an aerobics instructor (long ago, when I had the motivation to excercise) that said, and I quote "Stop can sleep when you are dead." I am sure she meant that life is too short to sit on the couch updating your blog each night--play with your son, take a walk around the neighborhood, go swimming in the freezing cold water. She meant--Enjoy each moment of each day, because no one knows when that moment might be your last. Hmmm...didn't mean to get all dark...sorry!
Life is grand at Hoene Heaven!!
Special moments from Summer 2009 (as told by Logan):
1. Daddy had a birthday--we went out to eat with our family. Daddy and I also went out to the farm for a birthday party with Papa Hoene, Uncle Todd, and cousin Blake. All the Hoene boys have birthday's in July (except me--January)
2. We visited Aunt Becky, Uncle Don, Misty Jo, Dane, Roy and Ramie and Grandma Hoene over the 4th of July holiday weekend. Lots of family came in to celebrate the 4th as well as an early birthday for Uncle Don. Aunt Diane and Uncle Paul came all the way from Florida!!
3. Daddy has been doing ALOT of pressure washing and mommy has been editing ALOT of pictures. Mommy also got a new job. She is the new Assistant Principal at a local school. Whoo hoo!! Go mommy!!
4. I have been swimming some at my Nana's house. She has a great pool!!
5. Had my 18 month check up--all is good and I am growing fast and right on track. Mommy and Daddy think I am ahead of the curve because I talk so much--repeating everything they say. They are so funny to listen to when they think I don't understand :-)
That is about it for now...enjoy some new pictures. Daddy got mommy a new camera for an early birthday present because mommy lost the other camera. I think it takes really good pictures.
Until next time...
Logan (and mommy)

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