Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Fun-2010

Busy Hoene family!! What a blessing to have such a beautiful and active son. Logan, you are such a gift. Below are some of the pictures from what we have been doing lately. Mommy only wishes she had time to post them all. Love you, sweet boy!!

Logan at "Gym Class"--spring 2010

Sitting on the edge of our "pool"

Papa's Angels, Father's Day, 2010

Grandaddy, Daddy and Logan, Father's Day 2010

Daddy and Me swimming at Nana's, June 2010

Mommy and me on Thomas the Train...

Can you say "Cheese"?

Reading with Papa--yes, that is a Thomas book.

Beach view--spring break, 2010 on the Gulf of Mexico...

Mommy and me on Easter Sunday in PCB.

We have been very busy lately! Logan had a blast at the Day Out with Thomas the Train. Even though it was REALLY hot, we survived and had fun too. I even think Papa had fun. Mommy has been working some this summer, but trying to take off on Friday's when Daddy is off too. We are planning some fun day trips around town since going to the gulf is out of the question this summer--thanks BP! We have also been swimming a lot! Logan, you are such a little fish! You LOVE the water. So, starting next month, we are going to take some swimming lessons at the Y. I know you will be so excited. Some other things we have done lately--lots of reading, a visit to Illinois to see Aunt Becky, Uncle Don, Grandma Hoene and Dane, did I mention the swimming? Swinging and playing at Mimi and Papa's house--we had a cookout at our house to celebrate Father's Day. Lots of family fun!! You are such a loved little boy!! The video below is of our "little fish" jumping in Nana's pool today. Thanks Nana for having us over. We had a you can tell!

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