Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Haze...

The ladies from the Passion Pitt--C-Ville Class of 1995--We still look HOT!!

Cool Red Truck!! Savannah has already tried it out and she approved it for Logan!

The SAA Group! You guys are so wonderful!!


Comfy Crib

Musical Mobile

Logan's Sailboat Rug

is here. It seems as though Santa has come early for the Hoene's. Most of you know that we are adopting a baby--Logan William Hoene--due (officially) on January 5, 2008. The truth is, he could come any time. Chad and I have been so very busy getting the nursery ready, finishing all of our paper work, meeting Logan's birthmom, and feeling very blessed by all of our wonderful friends and family.

Last week my school hosted an "after school" shower for many wonderful presents. I will post some of the pictures when I get them. Then, last Sat. December 7, my best friend and sister hosted another baby shower for us. Lainey Kemp and Tricia Judy assisted in the party and just so you know, I have NO words for all of the wonderful gifts and sentiments from that day. I don't have the pictures yet, but when I do, I will post them. Needless to say, Logan has to be the most loved little boy. It was so great to see all of our friends...the girls from the Passion Pit (aka. C-Ville), the ladies from North (former and present), the SistOr's--Jennifer and Trish (Where was Bobbi??), and everyone else. Thank you so much for caring so much about us and especially our little miracle, Logan.
The wonderful group of women (and J-Z) I call colleagues hosted a baby shower/holiday gathering last night in honor of Logan. I have posted some of those pictures. really out did yourself. I don't have words. Unfortunately, we had to call it a night early due to some severe kidney stone pain (who says adoption doesn't come without labor pains!!). Thank you so much for everything. We are so blessed.
Chad's family will host our final shower this coming Saturaday. Aunt Alicia and NaNa are throwing a wonderful party and we are so excited. I will try to get all of the pictures up next week. In the mean time, I have posted some of Logan's nursery. For those of you who know me well, you won't be suprised by the choice of theme--Cape Cod (lighthouses and sailboats). I am an avid collector and fell in love with this set from Babys R Us.

Chad and I were able to meet Logan's birthmother this past weekend. We drove to South Bend on Sunday where we were welcomed into a warm and festive home by Annie and her parents. We shared pictures and stories over lunch at the local Pizza Hut. It was a great visit and we are so thankful God gave us the opportunity to meet Annie before Logan is born. We are counting the days won't be long.

Thank you all again...for reading this blog, for praying for our family, for being our friends. Chad and I are so blessed...

Until next time...I hope you dance...


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