Monday, May 5, 2008

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Thanks Sara for the TAG!!
1. maybe i should excercise more (yeah right).
2. i love the smell of Spring, Logan (except after morning bottle), fresh cut grass, and cinnamon rolls.
3. people would say that i’m a perfectionist.
4. i don’t understand why gas has to be so expensive.
5. when i wake up in the morning I want to immediately wake up Logan and snuggle with him.
6. i lost my willpower to powerwalk everyday.
7. life is a great blessing.
8. my past is something I learn from everyday.
9. i get annoyed when there is nothing good on the news.
10. parties are too far and too few between these days.
11. dogs...are missed in our home (hubby is allergic to pet hair).
12. cats .....are at my parents house.
13. tomorrow is another day to be thankful for.
14. i have low tolerance for ...... drunk driving, child abuse, and people who talk on the phone while driving (including myself).
15. i’m totally terrified of .....never having another child.
16. i wonder why God chose us to be Logan's parents.
17. never in my life did i .... think I would love motherhood as much as I do.
18. high school...was a lifetime, do I feel OLD.
19. when i’m nervous I get chatty, red-faced, and smile a lot.
20. one time I ... blew my horn at a crazy driver and then thought he was following me.
21. take my advice: "dance" while you can.
22. making my bed happens only when we have company.
23. i'm almost always thinking about my family.
24. i’m addicted to HGTV, internet shopping, taking photos, and educational technology blogs.
25. i want someone to buy my family a condo at the beach.
26. i am so excited about celebrating my first Mother's Day with my family.
27. i love that my husband always asks how my day went.
28. my favorite treat is anything with mint involved.
29. currently we are planning to finish part of the basement as a photography studio!!
30. i love watching Logan sleep...he is so beautiful.
31. i think all teachers and those involved with education should be paid more than Nascar drivers, NBA superstars, NFL quarterbacks, and the President of the United States!!
32. i wish all people who dream of becoming parents that their dreams come TRUE.
33. i love our new home and being so close to family.
34. i spend way too much time day-dreaming about our NEXT vacation to the beach...
35. i love looking back at pictures and video of when Chad and I were first married.
The rules: List as many random current items about yourself as you are old. Tag five (or however many) other people by leaving them a comment on their blog or on your TAG post. Feel free to copy and paste my list into your blog and then add/delete as you like.
So I am taking my cue from are the next bloggers to be TAGGED!!
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