Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chad's First Father's Day

and our 6th anniversary all in one weekend! Whew!! Chad celebrated his first Father's Day this last weekend and it was GREAT!! A special part of the weekend culminated at church on Sunday morning with the dedication of our son, Logan. Father's Day already holds a special place in our hearts (of course because of our dad's) because just 6 years ago, we tied the knot on Sunday, June 16, 2002 which was Father's Day!! So, I have posted some pictures from our Father's Day 2002 and 2008. Happy Father's Day to all!!

Chad's anniversary present
Logan and Grandaddy
Grandaddy, Logan and Daddy
Papa, Savannah, and Logan
Daddy's Father's Day Gift (the other is a GPS)
Father's Day 2002

Chad and Staci
The Olmsted, Louisville, KY

Isn't my cake GREAT! I just LOVE daisies!!

Dancing with MY daddy!

I hope you dance...until next time!


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