Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Way too long...

between posts and I am so sorry! The Hoene's have been extremely busy between end of school, summer weddings, and me working like a crazy lady!! I apologize for the length of time between posts mostly because I know so many of you (if you are anything like me) check in on us regularly (even though you don't comment :-)) and you might be wondering where we me recap what has been happening since my last post...

1. I celebrated my first Mother's Day with Logan (I think I posted some pictures from that). It was so memorable and all I could have ever imagined. So many people sent me kind emails and cards knowing how special that day was for me. Thank you!!

2. School has come to an end this year. I really can't even begin to think about where it went. I guess with a kidney stone in December and maternity leave from January to March, no wonder it flew by.

3. Though school has come to an end, my work still continues...that is where I am in my career right now. As an SAA or SAC as we are called now, I am required to work 20 extended days on a regular teacher calendar. So, that is another reason my posts are so few and far between. As I type this post, I am currently sitting at a conference in Northern Kentucky--too cool, huh?

4. Logan is keeping us very busy these you can imagine, Chad and I are LOVING being parents. Each day is a new adventure. Let me give you an update on what he has been up to these days...

Logan is 23 weeks old or about 5.5 months. At his 4 month check up, he weighed in at about 15 pounds and was 24.5 inches long (10%). I do believe he has grown a bit more over the last few weeks and each time I pick him up, I am reminded of just how much weight he is gaining. Here are a few more specifics about our miracle baby boy:

*taking 8-10 ounces at each feeding w/cereal
*just began eating cereal from a spoon. I have pictures and will post them...too cute!!
*is rolling over at will especially if he hears his daddy's voice, but can't see him.
*moved to his big boy crib upstairs in his room (I am still adjusting to this and it has NOT been fun!)
*laughs and coos all the time. He is such an observant kid! Always watching what is going on.
*everything goes in his mouth right now!!
*reaching for EVERYTHING!! Especially his bottle. His arms flap and I sware he is going to take flight at any time. I will try to get it on video and upload it for all to see because it really is sweet!!

He is doing so many things these days and we are so very excited with each new action or reaction.

Chad is getting ready to celebrate his first Father's Day and we are so excited. In fact, Logan is being dedicated at church this coming Sunday which happens to be Father's Day. What a special day for all of us. Of course we will have pictures and I hope to post them sometime next week.

So, between work, home, studying for my principal's exam and life in general, we are busy as ever. However, that is no excuse! I promice to upload some pictures soon, so please check back often.

Until next time...
I hope you dance...



Carrie & Sean said...

I check it out every day. Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding. I have some good ones too. :-) We love Logan so much and he thought it was so cute when he spit up all over me yesterday. He had a huge grin on his face and I think even laughed.

Carrie & Sean said...

Oh yeah, how did you add music to your backgoud??