Friday, August 29, 2008

The Little Prince

The Prince and his Princess

I LOVE taking a BATH!!

Look at me with my sippee cup!!

Graham Crackers--yummy!

Can't find me...

I know I can get it...

Yes, it has been a bit since I have posted...sorry! But those of you with little ones know just how busy life can is hard to believe that August has come and gone. I turned 35 on August 16 and it was the best birthday ever because I have the best present EVER--a loving family and beautiful son (

Other events have also happened--family birthdays, Logan's first trip to the KY State Fair, Oldham County Day (slept through both of these outings)and many more, but now it is almost September and we are gearing up for the BIG GAME--Cats vs. Cards and some down time to rejuvenate over the long weekend!!

Since Logan has become mobile, he is REALLY busy and CURIOUS!! I love to watch him discover new places and new things. It is almost as if I can see the pathways in his brain just going to town. He is SOOOOO smart!! He had a big week with Mimi--tea party (he was the host of course, being the only male), picking Carrington up from school, discovering the kitchen, and graham crackers (mimi, not mommy!). Enjoy the photos...


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