Monday, February 9, 2009


~in the waiting room before surgery

~funny yellow gown

~back to normal tonight~
Can you tell daddy dressed me? Mommy knows green is NOT my color!!

"He will be a different kid, you'll see!" "He will feel so much better! No more doctor's!"
These words have been ringing through my head over the last few days as we prepared for Logan to have tubes put in both ears. The procedure, which is very common, was done this morning with little fuss. Everyone at work assured me that Logan would be much better off and that, at first, he would cry and be upset, but by mid-afternoon, he would be back to playing and running around. Friend after friend tried to comfort me with their kind words. Deep down, I knew they were right. Deep down, I knew that everything would be okay. is!
Logan did really well. He didn't even cry when the nurse took him from us for the surgery!! Mommy did, but he didn't. Once he was in the OR, Chad, Mimi and I headed back to the waiting room. Seriously, when the Dr. said it would only take about 10 minutes, I thought he was just telling me that to make me feel better. But it really was only about 10 minutes until I could hear Logan crying. When we got back to the recovery room, the nurse had Logan. He was so pitiful--eyes closed, big tears, crying like his feelings were deeply hurt by someone. Once I held him, he seemed to calm a bit, but the crying didn't cease until he woke up a bit more and daddy gave him some juice in his sippee cup. Long story--once we got home, Logan slipped back into his normal routine with the exception of a few whines here and there. He took two really good naps and is snoozing away as I type this post.
Everywhere we go, people comment on how beautiful Logan is. They say such amazing things about him--how sweet his temperment is, how beautiful his baby blues are, how contagious his laugh is...this visit to the doctor was no different. He swept the nurses right off their feet. In fact, becuase of the anethesia, we disclosed Logan's adoption with the office staff. Well, many of you know our story and how we are so blessed to be the parents of this miracle, but somehow God always has a way of reasurring us and calming our (really mine, Chad is a ROCK) fears. As it turned out, both of Logan's nurses were adopted as babies. Can you believe that?
So, another lesson learned for this learning mommy. God is good. He is faithful and if we trust in Him, he will provide. One would think that I would know this by now, with everything we have gone through. But sometimes I forget and worry gets the best of me. Then, when I least expect it, when I really think I am leaning on God, He show me just how much He loves me and wants me to put all my fears on Him.
Thank you to everyone who sent up some prayers and well wishes for The Hoene's and especially for Logan. They are much appreciated. Enjoy the pictures...

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