Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Storms and Other Random Photos...

~Front yard at Nana's house
~Pretty ice

~Handsome man ready for church!

"Narnia" in our Neighborhood

Before the Ice and Snow...


First there was IKE and now ICE?!?! Go figure that we would get hit with 2 major storms some 5 months apart. Thankfully, this time our power was only out for about 15 hours--we didn't lose power with IKE. I know that is not the case for most people. During that time, we spent some quality family time with my family over at Savannah's house because they have a working fireplace. Now that we have power, Nana, Grandaddy, Rusty and Cloudy (the bird) are all staying with us. Logan loves having his Nana and Grandaddy so close. It is amazing to me how there are so many people who leave their lives and come to the rescue when there are wide-spread power outages in our area. Now that is dedication!

Logan and I have enjoyed our snow days this week. Though I would much rather enjoy the sunshine with him in June instead of being at work--ugh! So far we have missed 6 days, so that puts students going until the first week of June. CRAZY!!

Anyhow, just to update those of you who read our blog...Logan turned one on January 1. We had a small family party on New Year's day and then the BIG Shin-Dig on January 9. It was great fun!! Because of some reschedules, Logan didn't have his first year check-up until January 23. He was so funny. He LOVES Dr. much so that he sat on his lap almost the entire check up. Dr. R. said he had never had a one-year old do that before. Logan just loves going to the doctor. I wonder how long that will last? 12 (almost 13) months here are his stats:
Height--28 3/4 inches (25%)

Weight--21. 6 pounds (25%)

Head Circumference--45 (25%)

Logan is saying so many words and jabbers ALL the time. I will try to get some video of him jabbering and post it soon. In fact, I came home from work today and he had been saying "Uh Oh" all day for Nana. Too funny!! He has learned to shake his head (no, of course) and knows where Mommy's nose is. It is amazing how much he is learning on a minute by minute basis.

So, it was back to work for mommy today (after 4 snow days) and man it was rough! I missed him terribly and look what I missed--so much learning!!

Until next time...
BTW--Logan is scheduled for ear tubes on Monday, February 9. Keep us in your prayers, please!!

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