Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is HERE!!

Last Spring Logan was a bit too small to really be able to "play" outside. In fact, I don't think we even ventured out of the house until April. Not the case this year! We have had a few nice days of 70 degree weather. So, we have ventured outside. Needless to say--HE LOVES IT!! Our neighbors have dogs and he loves to yell at them from our back deck. On Tuesday, Mimi and Logan decided to take a walk. He walked all the way up the street (on the side walk, of course) and back. Even mommy gets out of breath on that walk, but not him. Apparently, he wanted to go more than once! That afternoon he took a 3 hour nap--ha!

We are so excited for nice weather so we can play outside with our son. Bring on the sunshine!!

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