Thursday, April 2, 2009


~all smiles (15 months)
~1st birthday (january, 2009)

~angel boy (6 months)

~newborn miracle (january, 2008)

STOP-S.T.O.P! My son, you are different each time I glance in your direction. Your smile, your temper(ment), your words, Y-O-U! Can time really pass this quickly? For so many years we hoped and prayed for you--and it seemed the time crept...inched slowly from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day. Not the case anymore, my sweet baby. It flies--so quickly--too fast--for mommy to catch her breath and notice all you are becoming. "Time, you are stealing from mommy--slow down!"

Today you saw your favorite doctor and he was so impressed with you once again. You have grown about 2 inches since January (30 inches)! You only gained about .6 of a pound, but mommy is certain it is because you are so active--running, jumping, dancing, spinning, playing--ALL the time! Your brains are growing too--almost a whole inch since the end of January!! So smart!

I love the way you won't settle for a simple "no" from mommy. Your baby blues long for an explanation--Why can't I play with the phone? Why can't I press the buttons on the printer? How does the water come out of the faucet like that? Why can't I ride the lawn mower with Papa? You are so curious, my angel boy.

Thank God you show us your emotions--happy smiles, sad furrowed brow, wondering eyes looking for Savannah or Papa, and utter upset and frustration when you don't get your way. You did read this correctly--We thank God each day that you are showing your emotions and expressing yourself--even when mommy and daddy are pooped and really just want their boy to be the happy, go-lucky little toddler you almost ALWAYS are!

Never in a million, gazillion years did I dream that I would enjoy communicating with a 15 month old almost as much as I enjoy communicating with adults?!?! Who knew it would be so much fun to watch you learn, explore, problem solve, and figure out why the world is the way it watch mommy and daddy and mimmick what we do and say. What does a kitty-kitty say? What does the doggy say? What does the sheep say? Where are your ears? Amazing! That is Y.O.U!

I know it might sound corny and someday when you are older you might think mommy is silly--but you really do light up my life (just like the song says)! Each day, I can't wait to see what you will do next! Mommy and daddy are so blessed--We love you--Forever and EVER!!

Height: 30 inches (25 %)
Weight: 22 pounds (25%)
Head circumference: 46cm (25%)

Yeah, Yeah (any questions you ask him, he answers "Yeah, Yeah"--Hilarious!!)
Pa (for paci)

What does a kitty say? repeats meow over and over
What does a doggy say? kind of sounds like "oof, oof" rhymes with roof.
What does a sheep say? BAAAAAAAAH
Bird says "weet, weet"
Choo-Choo train says "Whoo, Whoo"
Points to ear, eye, nose, mouth when asked where they are.
Pats belly when asked where it is, then he goes to find daddy or mommy's belly.

Favorite foods:
Chicken, Turkey, Hamburger
Cheerios for breakfast
FRUIT--loves it!!
Some veggies--peas and carrots
Grilled Cheese
COOKIES and Milk
So far Logan loves to try any type of food we have offered him.

Sign language: We have been working with baby signs since he was born.
Thank you
All Done
New ones: Help, hurt, good.

No wonder your head circumference grew a whole inch!! Lots of brains in there, kid!
Happy 15 months my sweet, sweet, angel boy!!


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Carrie, Sean and Savannah Leigh said...

I love the 15th month grin. Look at all those teeth! He is so precious and such a awesome blessing to our family from GOD. I love seeing Savannah and Logan interact with each other. We need to video them seeing each other for the 1st time in the morning. It's so amazing! How much they love each other. We love you Logan William and slow down on the growing...the both of you...Savannah Leigh and Logan!