Saturday, May 2, 2009

Very BUSY April!

Happy Birthday Aunt Carrie!!

Man...where did April go? It seems like we just enjoyed our Spring Break and now we are celebrating Derby around the Hoene house! What a great few weeks we have had in our family from celebrating my sister's 30th birthday, to Savannah's first soccer game, to cheering Carrie on in the mini-marathon. Not to mention all of the milestones Logan is hitting every day! He continues to talk and communicate with us--in fact, he LOVES to say the names of all the family members--"mama, dada, papa, nana, mimi" over and over. We are working on grandaddy and the aunts--Carrie and Alicia are a bit more difficult. Logan loves to dance--if he hears any music he just dances and twirls in a circle--so cute! I will work on getting some video of his new words and him dancing to the beat of his favorite song. In the meantime--happy Spring everyone! We are so blessed!!

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