Thursday, May 14, 2009

No laptop!

Sweet Savannah Leigh

My beautiful mom!!

Sweet boy...

That's right!  Our laptop, where I do the blogging, is on the fritz once again--man, I sure do hate SPYware.  Who is the world has the time to create such destructive little virus'?  Whoever they are, they must not have any children!

Anyhow, we have had a wonderful May--if only the rain would ease up a bit.  I am all for blooming flowers and green grass, but I am thinking we might need an Ark or two if we get anymore of the wet stuff!  Derby and Mother's Day were both fabulous!  We spent time with family and friends and Logan had a ball.  He is growing and learning so much each and every day.  What else is happening in The Hoene's home?  Well, I am getting ready to finish my thirteenth year in public education--WOW--has it really been that long?  Hey--I can retire in 14 more years!  Whoo hoo!!  Chad and I are both working really hard on our family businesses.  He with C and S Pressure Wash and me with Images by Staci.  I am looking forward to my first Portrait Party coming soon!!  Logan went to his first BATS game and loved it!  "Ball--Ball--Ball"  He is definetely going to be some kind of ball player.  

Well--I just wanted to reasure everyone that we are still here, despite the length of time between blog posts.  Once the laptop gets fixed and school lets out, the posts will be much more frequent (I hope).  

Until next time...

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