Monday, June 1, 2009


Lovin' Life!!

Logan's First Baseball Game--The Louisville Bats

Looks like a long way down...

Neighbor "H" wanting to play...Logan LOVEs her!!

Ridin' the Lawn Mower with Daddy--mommy was nervous.  Of course he loved it!!  GREAT~
Here I go again...

Happy Birthday, Dad!  You are THE BEST and we love you!!

Lovely Lillies

Can you say--uh-oh?  Bath time!!

seventeen!!  And nothing has been the same since--it is ALL so much BETTER!!  Even everyday things like hearing the "choo, choo" train or feeling the spring breeze from swinging (or wing as Logan says) are a GAZILLION times better.  It is like seeing the world for the first time!  

So much learning going on in the Hoene home--
~learning to take the steps one at a time
~learning to whisper especially when Savannah is napping in the chair
~learning to jump (we haven't made it off the toes yet)
~learning to put a name with EVERYTHING!  "Car, tree, dirt, star, uh-uh, uh-oh, oh-no, bubbles--yep, that is right, bubbles--ride (as in lawn mower), and wing (swing).  There are tons more!!
~learning to say our prayers (ABC, 123, Thank you God for blessing me--then we bless everyone--kind of like Roll Call at a family reunion, if you can imagine that :-)

This time is so special.  I just want to capture each moment and keep it forever.  The Hoene's have done some celebrating of late--Memorial day was great!  Thanks to the neighbors for having us over for some great food and fun.  Last night we celebrated Papa's birthday with a cookout at the house.  The kids played in the sprinkler, small pool and on the swing.  Ah...summer fun!!  My wonderful hubby took some time over the long weekend and landscaped the front of the house--LOVE IT!!  And Logan loved the dirt and especially when daddy and mommy water the flowers with the hose.  I think we have a "water bug" on our hands.  Maybe that is why he screams when bath time is over!!!!

June is here and we are looking forward to slowing down a bit this summer to be in the moment with our family and enjoy each-and-EVERY-moment.  We wish the same for you...

Until next time...

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