Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mimi!

My mom just had a birthday and she will probably kill me for doing this, but I saw it done on another blog and LOVED the here we go!!

61 reasons I love my mom...
61. because you love to go to the flea market with me.
60. because you still watch soap operas.
59. because you made me jump off the high dive when I took swim lessons as a kid.
58. because you took up golfing when you and dad became empty nesters.
57. because you (almost) always have cookies in your cookie jar.
56. because you always ran Carrie and I all over town when we were kids.
55. because when I think of the ocean, I think of our many trips to Gulf Shores.
54. because you came to the house the night Logan was running a fever and I was freaking out.
53. because I know you would do the same thing over and over again.

52. because you and Papa were the first grandparents to meet our son.
51. because you love going on vacation more than I do.
50. because you always knew I would be a good mother.
49. because you always saved us a seat at O'Charley's.
48. because you and dad weren't too fond of several of my boyfriends, but you love my husband.
47. because you were the first to "baby-sit" my baby.
46. because you are a purse-o-holic, like me.
45. because you and dad were always in one gym or another supporting me and Carrie.
44. because I know you and dad will do the same thing for Logan and Savannah.
43. because you love sailboats and lighthouses.
42. because you email me pictures of Savannah and Logan while I am at work.
41. because I know how much you wanted to be in South Bend on January 1, but you gave us that time to be with our son.
40. because you wear yellow sweat pants!!

39. because you drive a jeep with our business logo on the back of it.
38. because you like the CATS and the CARDS.
37. because you are the first one on the beach and the last one to leave.
36. because you snore so loud it shakes the walls.
35. because you prayed for Logan even before you knew him.
34. because you love taking pictures of our family.
33. because you taught me to wrap Christmas presents.
32. because you hugged me when I made my first C in school.
31. because you get up every morning (just about) to keep grandkids.
30. becuase you like crossword puzzles.
29. because you have a beautiful smile.
28. because your favorite flower is the daisy.
27. because you and dad gave me a fairy tale wedding.
26. because you clean my kitchen every time you come over.
25. because you helped me hang a wallpaper border in our old kitchen.
24. because you used to get me out of school early to go to the flea market.
23. because you tell Logan stories about his mommy.
22. because you always give me good advice.
21. because when I think of the beach, I think of all the wonderful family vacations we had growing up.
20. because you love the Polo outlet.
19. because you taught Savannah to skip, so she can teach Logan.
18. because you call and check on us every day.
17. because you have always been there for me.
16. because you tell me the truth (no matter how much I don't want to hear it sometimes).
15. because you read our blog.
14. because you always make our favorite when we come for diner.
13. because you introduced us to Papa Murphy's Pizza--Yum!
12. because you wanted me to learn piano when I was a kid...if only!
11. because you used to take me shopping every weekend with Meal Meal.
10. because you gave me a baby sister (even though I didn't want her at the time).
9. because you taught me the value of friendship.
8. because you always give the best cards.
7. because you taught Savannah her ABC's and I know you will do the same with Logan.
6. because you don't like celebrating your birthday, but you suffer through it for us.
5. because no matter how many times I mess up, you still love me.
4. because we are so much alike (scary!)
3. because you are beach bum at heart.
2. because you are such a good friend to so many people.
1. because you are you--the BEST mom in the world!!

I hope it was happy, mom!

Love you!!

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MiMi :-) said...

How can I thank you...humm...let me think of the ways...too many to list. Love you bunches! MiMi