Saturday, March 1, 2008

two months

Logan...has it really been 2 whole months since you blessed our lives? Does time really pass so quickly? I don't want it to! I want you to stay "small" forever. I say that now, but I look forward to the day when you can hold out your little arms for me to "hold you" or the day you say your first words..."da da", I am sure. I know I will cherish those days just as much as I have the last 2 months.
It is amazing what 2 months have grown so much. What a difference between 6 and 10 pounds! All of a sudden, your car seat carrier is heavy! I never thought that would happen so fast. I cried when I had to put away your preemie clothing...some of which you only wore 2 times. I look back at some of your pictures and your head fit in the palm of daddy's hand. Now it seems daddy has a hard time holding you with one arm, ha!

And your voice...what a sweet little voice you have. You work so hard just to get out one coo or squeal. You have all kinds of friends you talk to...the fan in the great room, the lights, the sunshine streaming into the window. It seems like I never have the video camera ready when you want to talk. Mommy will have to get better at that, for sure. And your sweet smile...did I mention how you light up when mommy and daddy come in the room? It melts our hearts to know that you have learned to recognize us!

Mimi helped me give you a bath last night and for the first time, you seemed not to hate it so much. You only screamed for part of the time :-) I so love washing all of your little fat rolls! I never dreamed you would fill out so quickly...but you have, my love. In two short months you have grown into a cooing, smiling, chubby baby boy.

Really, Logan, mommy and daddy don't remember what life was like before you. You have brought so much to our lives and to our love. Thank you, my sweet.

mommy's little valentine--February 2008

Note: We have a big weekend ahead of us so I promice to post some updated pictures of Logan. This one happens to be my most recent favorite! Love those cheeks!!

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