Sunday, January 18, 2009

Highlights from THE PARTY!!

In a whirlwind of balloons, gift wrap, laughter, and cake, Logan celebrated his first birthday last Sunday. It was great fun! So many friends and family came out on a chilly January day just to show how much they love Logan! Thanks to all who were able to make it and though Logan will only remember this birthday through pictures, his father and I are grateful for all of the love and support shown to us throughout Logan's first year.
What a year it was!
Thanks again and bless you all!!

Waitin for cake!

Mimi and her decorations--so cute!

So, I am not the most crafty person in the world, mainly becuase it takes time to be crafty and well, when you work full time, have a proficiently walking one-year-old, and a crazy schedule, crafts and creativity usually take a back seat (hence the time between blogs). Anyhow, I was really wanting to do something meaningful for party favors for all of Logan's family and friends and was so excited to come across the BEST website that mixes two of my favs--photography and scrapbooking. The website is really for photographers, but she also posts photo gift ideas! That is where this idea came from...the site is fabulous and the cute magnets were a GRAND hit! Everyone loved them. Here are a few pictures below along with the webiste.

Photo Tips by Alexis Miller

The theme of the day...

~my little man...stylin' in his jeans and new tennis shoes

Even though the balloons have all deflated and the cake has been eaten (it was so good!), Logan's 1st birthday party is one I will always remember. After all, some day we will get to show it to him via video and pictures and explain all about his beautiful ABC block cake, all the presents, and wonderful family and friends who gathered last Sunday to celebrate such a special little boy.

Below and above are some of the photos from the day...sorry they are out of order, but that is just how blogger uploads. Enjoy...

Logan's VERY special cake! It turned out exactly like the picture!!

Lovin' the little smasher cake!
He made such a mess, that I had to give him a bath in the middle of the party!

"Mom--are you sure I can do this?"

Hey...that looks like something I opened...
Thanks again to all who made time for us on this special occasion! We hope your new year is a special as our first year with Logan! Until next time...

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