Thursday, January 1, 2009


Fabulous First Birthday (pre-party with some family)

~this is really yummy!!!

~i want more!!! where did my cake go???

My sweet little miracle! One year ago today, you blessed our family with an answered prayer of so many.
I never knew I could love you so much. It seems like a that began a year ago today with a late phone call--"...water has broken and I am headed to the ER". That was enough for your dad and me to throw our bags (and yours) and a gazillion other things in the car and head north. I remember saying a prayer for you and for our travel before pulling out of the driveway--knowing that nothing would ever be the same. My, did word travel fast--before we could even get in cell phone range, we had a few "Well Wish and Good Luck" messages from various family members telling us to be safe and call us when we knew of your grand entrance.
Your grand entrance wasn't until 3:20 am...some 4 hours after that first phone call. Your dad drove white-knuckled through the blinding snow as we inched closer and closer to finally meeting YOU!! Sometime after 5 in the morning we plowed into St. Joseph Medical Center in South Bend and took a few deep breaths--one for making it there and one for the anticipation of the future finally unfolding before we rounded the corner, bags in hand, there you the nursery window getting ready for your first bath. There you reaching distance...we had waited so long to finally find you and then, suddenly, you were there. So small, so sweet, so beautiful...

To say our life has changed would be putting it mildly...for you, my son, continue to brighten and bless each and every day we have together as a family. You bring sunshine to all my cloudy days. Your smile calms all our parenthood fears. Your laugh is contagious to all who are around. Your father and I can't remember what we did before there was you...Our sweet little miracle. Happy FIRST birthday~the best year of our lives!

Love~mommy and daddy
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Carrie, Sean and Savannah Leigh said...

Logan is too so precious and I just love seeing his reaction when Savannah walks in the door! Special blessing!